[2021] M2Bob plans & New Forum overview


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    Dear users of M2Bob,

    we would like to welcome you to our new forum.

    We are planning some updates, improvements and changes for 2021 and would like to present them to you now:

    New Forum

    We reworked our forum and added many improvements, some of these are:

    New giveaway (lottery)!

    Soon we have easter holidays, and during that time, we will make a new giveaway for you where you can win many different M2Bob Keys!

    More Infos will be given here and on Discord.

    Further plans for M2Bob

    We always aim to offer the best support for all users and even if sometimes not everything works perfect, we always plan futher and want to give you an outlook here:

    The last months brought many new challenges and made updating the bot more difficult,as well as gave much more work for us. But we believe that we are now well prepared for the future!


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