[SUGGESTION] / AntiBan / WaithackRange and PickUp kick, crash solved etc.


Do not download scripts/programs from unknown/dubious sources

  • [1:]

    Automatically activate all abilities when the character switches to low profile.

    Deactivate all skills when the character comes out of low profile.

    Having constantly active skills can cause errors during botting, and the system may perceive us as macros because the character constantly tries to use skill.

    It makes more sense to only be active in low profile mode.



    Start [PickUp] range [y] after [x] sec increase it to [z]

    When the character is kicked out of the game, killed, etc. It decreases the receive interval and increases it to x after x seconds.

    * Like the WaithackRange feature.



    0: Before going directly to the alchemist, vendor, or any NPC, teleport to the town square and walk the rest of the way.

    This feature can prevent normal players from perceiving us as bots.

    This feature eliminates vendor, alchemist, and NPC invisible issues.

    1: Or a different suggestion;

    Before going to the seller, teleport to location x and walk the rest of the way.

    Before going to the alchemist, teleport to location x and walk the rest of the way.

    Before going to the gun dealer, teleport to the x location and walk the rest of the way.



    This feature only targets "inside" the farm route and your character will not teleport to obstacles while leveling.

    The character is not aiming "outside" of the farm route line!

    Thanks to this feature, your character will not be kicked and the client will not crash due to WaithackRange and Pickup.



    An optional button for fast character change!

    [] Change character without going to character change screen.

    Like the QuickLogin technique.


    Save acc-generated accounts to a .txt file


    We cannot use the AntiBan ch replacement system due to the redban problem.

    Therefore, teleportation should be added to the x position when the player arrives.

    [] When the player arrives, teleport to location x after [x] seconds!

    If you set the seconds to 0, it will teleport immediately.

    AntiBan teleport list:







    0: If the bot sees the same user [x] times in [x] seconds, do not leave the low profile for [x] minutes.

    1: If the bot sees the same user [x] times in [x] seconds, switch all characters to low profile mode for [x] minutes.

    The same user is trying to catch you and get your video.

    This feature can be really useful!

    Suggestions are open to everyone!

    Your supports and comments are important!


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  • These features may come with the test version.

    If the version is tested and no problems occur, "crash etc." It is published publicly.

    So don't get confused, there won't be an issue with the m2bob stability.

    Additionally, these recommendations are intended to increase the stability of m2bob. RealB0B

  • #1, #2 and #8 we only will do if very many users need it, other not because it makes the m2bob window too crowded

    #3 we will "fix" differently, by adding automatic reload of the map if the NPC is not found

    #4 is technically almost impossible and will not be added as suggested. maybe some alternative like levelbot only waithack monsters in circle etc.

    #5 since it can be detected in theory if gf wants to, i think its a bad idea to risk that just for a few seconds of saving

    #6 will be added from todays new version

    #7 you can use quicklogin and then ch change does not cause red bans


  • [5]

    Actually, the reason I recommend this is because the client crashes on the character selection screen.

    * Crash error on client's character change screen occurs for random and unknown reason.

    This technique works well in situations where back-to-back character needs to be changed.

    I think a button should be added.

    I've been using the "No-SafeZone" feature for a long time manually to change characters quickly.

    And since I do not go to the character change screen, it works more stable.


    The quick sign-in technique only applies to a fixed channel.

    I recommended this technique because REDBAN error occurred after 9-10 channel changes at most.

    You can test it will be REDBAN error after 9-10 channel change.


    When a ticket is sent to the Metin2 team, they can ban all of our characters.

    Therefore, this feature is required 10000% and I think everyone should support it.

    The same user logs in and out of the game at 30,40 seconds intervals and tries to capture our video.

    But if this technique is added, their job will be completely difficult.

    [4] WaithackRange Kick Solved;

    I do not know if such a technique is possible, but the picture is very beautiful. :))))


    Hello ,

    Please specify the features you want.

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  • For #7, Quicklogin also does work for different Channels or CH Change. It does not only work for relog on the same channel.

    For #8, I told you in Skype whats possible, your idea is not, but a very similar idea is.

    However I am also planning to add something where the bot can check if a monster is in a wall or a wall between the player and the monster and then not use Waithack there.


  • During the channel change, a new login packet is sent to different channels or to the gf client.

    However, a new package is not sent for logins to the same channel with Quick Login.

    If Quick Login had worked while switching to different channels, it would not send a new packet to the gf client and there would be no REDBAN error after 9,10 channel changes.

    For example;

    0:10 Quick Login does not send a new login package. (Login to the same channel)

    0:11- 0:21 When logging into a different channel, a new login packet is sent to the gf client.

    And after 9,10 ch change REDBAN ..

    Can a technique be added to keep the gf client address open in the background, instead of sending a new login packet?

    In this way, it does not send a continuous login package.

  • For the Login to other Channels you always need a separate GF Client Login Packet.

    I dont know where you have the information from that you dont need that, but it is wrong information...


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