[Collection Thread]Way-System bug reports

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    Hello guys,

    This thread is about our integrated "Way-System" with which your character is able to avoid everything(except monsters!).

    This system may has some bugs first, but with your help, we want to sort out the bugs!

    Having a bug with the "Way-System" means, that your character is walking through something, which he couldn´t achieve without wallhack.

    Please post a Screenshot here, where we can see where the character is stuck at and where he came from before!

    After posting a Screenshot, your bug may be fixed within the next update!

    Happy Botting wishes the M2Bob-Team!


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    In my server even with the Walking sytem activated the character goes threw walls to reach the starting point of the farm route. ( all maps 90 ) .

    Wallhack isnt working in the server i'm playing at

  • This topic is current.

    In which areas does the character get stuck?

    Please give feedback here in the form of a small video.

    In some places, some people complain about these situations but do not give any feedback.

    No problem can be solved without feedback.


    Also, teleport crash errors are a different thing.

    It is not the same as the Character Jam error. (Yes, it's true that there is a crash after the character gets stuck, but it's not that common.)

    Crashing issues occur after teleporting the character in general.

    channel change, character change, map reload.

    There is a problem with this parameter.

    Because crashing problems occur when using these techniques.

    This issue has been experienced in the past and was resolved as a result of testing.

    A version will be released soon and hopefully it will be resolved.

    In this test version, you can test and provide feedback on post-Teleport crash,Channel change crash,Character change crash,Map reload crash etc. except for the character jam error.

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