Black screen , solution for Game freeze

  • -This is a problem that occurs suddenly or randomly when negotiating with the NPC during teleportation or killing the monster.When this problem arises, the character is unable to use waithack for hours as he only approaches and kills the creatures. (extreme waste of time)

    Solution: When faced with this error, this client needs to be completely closed and opened, so once it closes, m2bob already automatically Starts .CH changing, exiting the game does not solve this error.It just needs to be turned off and turned back on.

    In fact, this problem, which has been going on for a long time, has become more frequent in recent updates, and I recommend that this system come as a permanent solution. (I think it started to increase after the" render cpu " feature.)

  • yes this error greatly reduces the very long show and m2bob. As a solution, as stated by our friend above, the processor must be shut down or even when this black screen occurs, it is necessary to find a way to hit the slots. I remember it kept hitting even when there was a black screen on some equivalent cheats.

  • I am very confused by this thread.

    Since when does this error happen? Since this version/since 10.8.11? Or since a "long time"?

    How can we reproduce this error best? Reproduce does not mean that it must happen everytime, but maybe 30% chance and then we could also test it multiple times to get the error and can fix it!

    What you can try is to change the setting of "Map-Reload" with Teleporting. Maybe this has something todo with it.


  • -This bug has been around for a long time , but has started to increase in recent updates.

    -This error is a completely random error, for example, the account may receive this error while levelbot is running, or it may receive this error after teleportation.

    -"Map-Reload" I disabled this feature, it didn't work, because this error can also occur when killing a creature.

    ''Render Game'' , ''Rotate camera while botting'' I also used these features, but the problem continued to recur again.

    Currently, I have an account that received this error, if you want to check, you can connect.

  • Okay, what is the best way for us to reproduce the bug?

    For example, walking to the shop and walking back all the time? We would need something...

    Does it depend on some settings? If you can make some systematic tests, that would be helpful.

    What if you leave "render game" to default and dont change it? Of course it could be related to this.


  • xxpaladin09

    I think you were getting this error too.

    What is the easiest way to produce this error?

    Can we easily produce this error?

    For example,

    Does this error occur during map1 and map2 migrations?

    *We need some more feedback for this.

  • It's a little difficult to create this error yourself, but it is most likely when you take the task from the alchemist while doing alchemy, and when you are teleporting to farm, and sometimes when using range strikes in places where the slot is too much. this bug has been present almost since range hit arrived. What I don't understand is that when I had this problem a few months ago while doing alchemy, it wasn't hitting the slots, but now it continues to hit the slots even though I sometimes have this problem on another map. It is very difficult to explain the problem clearly :). It causes different reactions in many different functions.

    Extra information: the characters that did not hit the slots after the error were warriors, now my characters that continue to hit the slots after the error are ninjas. As a solution, if this black error occurs, if it continues to hit the slots somehow, it will not cause any problem because we do not prevent this black screen, because someone who plays without cheats in auto hunting gets this error. Are there users who play ninja characters and stop hitting slots when this error occurs?

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  • If you are going to make tests use big maps like desert or temple as testing ground as this seems to happen more often in these scenarios (maybe because the char has to tp several times?).

    I guess there is a correlation between this "black screen" bug and the dialogue pop-ups from alchemist/teleporters.

    When the bug occurs some features of the bot such as waithack and anti-ban stuff do not work properly.

    Best chances to recreate it is to open 6/12 clients of alchemy farmers and let them run for a little while (~15/20 minutes or so)

  • I'm getting this error too, but in the past I was using an intel processor, this error was very difficult to occur, when I switched to the ryzen processor, this increased, as a solution I use an automatic restart program

  • As a solution suggestion for this error, I can say that Metin2 client windows should be opened without delay, only there should be a delay when logging in, and automatic client restart plugin can be added with this.

  • Which features are not working when this error occurs?

    It takes some answers for m2bob to detect this.

    Please give some more feedback.

    Slait is looking for a solution.

    If it's not in low profile mode and the bot is still not using waithack, reboot after x minutes. Etc.

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