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    tbh i cant read the whole text you always post ngl.

    You post so many "tech" or "suggestions" but are they worth a try ?

    Are they worth the effort to code ?

    Are they really necessary ?

    Are they realy "that good" a you may say ?

    Jo ExpressVPN soll ganz gut sein, bei NordVPN weiß ichs nicht ganz genau aber da sollen connections nicht so das feinste sein.

    Info for all Users: We plan to be releasing a new version with the Ninja Bow Waithack today evening.

    It should work the same and (because of its technique), should be almost kick-free!

    Other features we plan to add is the render on/off thing and then maybe see what can be done with the cloud poison hack, fishbot etc.


    Decided to re-add the script, have fun.

    No more lvl 75 in 2h sadge

    Good one ngl.

    The thing is, they should focus (for now) on stability and violation errors, so that they happen rarely or not anymore and then they can think about adding new "features".

    With more suggestions and features the client needs more to load etc yk what i mean.