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    hiding customers is not working properly There is 100% video card usage, the latest version is faulty Slait

    The problem is not in hiding, but in Metin2, start a client without m2bob and minimize it. Normally when you do this, the Metin2 GPU usage should drop, but now it doesn't.

    For now you can use the render game feature, it will work.

    All logs are standing, there is no one who has not received an answer for weeks or months :)

    In addition, there are many features that I helped the bot and contributed to its development. In addition, there are a lot of extra python scripts that I share on the forum and that are not in the bot. :) Since you can no longer toxic in Discord, you are now trying to cause trouble to people on the forum, I wish you success in your empty life. And you can write about me however you want. But not under this topic

    comment contacter slait directement je ne suis que discord disponible, je trouve qu'il est plus facile de parler pour partager j'ai des informations que j'ai testé via un logiciel et ça marche vraiment le 1% voir 0,7%, si vous pouvez me donner un discord que vous créez juste ça on peut échanger je suis nul en anglais mais j'utilise google xD Slait there is also another function that can be exploited which made the bot completely abused really You can use this with the category "sensitive information"

    Actually, an account creator can be made for steam, but it is quite cumbersome and offering it to thousands of people will cause a lot of trouble.

    1st: Steam requires an email confirmation, to automate this bob needs to have permission to access your emails. Or m2bob will use a custom domain

    2nd: Not every mail works on Steam and for this, m2bob needs to have a special domain, which is a serious problem for so many users. The domain will be blocked within 1 hour.

    3rd: The biggest problem with ReCaptcha is that m2bob will need to fix this automatically which seems impossible. There are some captcha sites that do this, but they are paid and m2bob cannot provide this fee. Yes, anyone can use their own API for this.

    4th: Yes, everyone may want to use their own API, but there is another problem, these sites solve it quite late, on average 40 seconds. And they must be answered within 30 seconds at the latest.

    And Finally: Yes, all of these can be resolved somehow, but it will be very troublesome and costly, but I am not sure if other problems from so many users will make it impossible.

    Slait may have more information on this topic.

    Apart from this, we know that there are some sites that open a steam account, and from time to time they block domains and buy other domains. Something like this can be done, but what difference does it make to re-do something that already happened?

    This site:

    Thanks for your help, no one is offended by your help. Don't get too personal, this is something I have to do. We treat every user equally and we don't want anyone to get hurt. (I'm not saying you're doing harm) It's just a general conversation, you or anyone else doesn't matter it's normal for me to do it :) No need to distribute more topics, do not personalize the topic for me, you are a user like everyone else here and I will make this warning to everyone. Thanks again for your help.

    You are constantly telling users to communicate with you, there is nothing strange. There is a ticket system and moderators in the forum. For the safety of users, we do not recommend giving private information to anyone other than the team. This is completely normal and something that should happen. I do not know you.

    I wish you good forums.

    Bu konuyla ilgili forumda zaten bir konu var o konu altından devam edin gerekli bütün açıklamalar orda yapılmıştır. Aynı konuları tekrar tekrar açmayın. Ve gothcharlotte1 bahsettiğin hiledeki sistem cpu düşürme ile ilgili falan değil o clientless bir sistemdi en çöp pc ile yüzlerce bot atabiliyordun şu an onun yapılması imkansız.

    Very High CPU Usage on New Version ! Konuya burdan devam edebilirsiniz.

    Thread closed!

    .FANKI çöp balıkları tutmayınca değerli balıklar oltaya daha çok takılıyor 4 saat balık etkinliğinde oltaya gelen yabbie sayısı :5. 4 saat filtreli balık tutarsan oltaya gelen yabbie sayısı: 15. Gereksiz bir şey olsa istemeyeceğiz zaten


    with fish filter: valuable fish caught 15

    without fish filter: valuable fish caught 5

    nothing to do with fast fishing.

    fish filter is absolutely necessary

    You don't understand the filtering logic, this is how the filtering logic works. A fish is hooked to the hook again and the bot pulls it unsuccessfully. So nothing notices, it has to be attached to the fishing hook in order for it to filter. All that remains is whether it was successful or not. What you're talking about is pure luck. I hope I was able to explain.

    Adding a fish filter makes no sense. There will be no change in the catching speed anyway, fishbot doesn't have any animation. Kill fish and stack.

    It will be the same loss of time even if it filters and no catches the fish.

    Thread closed!

    Gameforge clientini kaldırıp tekrar kur. Son güncellemelerde temp dosyaları başka bir yere daha depolanıyor. Sonra ip adresini değiştirip gameforge clientini tekrar kur hesabında bir problem yoksa giriş yapabileceksin.

    Sorunun farkındayız gameforge bir süredi ip engelini kaldırmıştı her türlü ip adresi ile eskisi gibi sınırsız girebiliyordunuz. Fakat sistemi tekrar aktif ettiler sanırım yeni bir şeyin peşindeler şu an yine sadece bazı ipler giriyor oyuna ve tekrar ip sınırı getirilidi. Şu an bunun için yapabileceğimiz bir şey yok.

    I just made a sketch in 10 minutes, it's not a design. Of course, we can make it cleaner with proper fonts and buttons, which is the reason why this topic was opened. Anyway, thanks for sharing. :) And one more thing, you need to ask users, not Slait, how many clients you want to add.