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    I really liked the old one too, but FANKI made a good design idea.

    I think it would be a good idea to make it possible to switch between the old design, and an incoming new design, if that isn't causing too much trouble for coding.

    Thats a temporary IP ban, try resetting your IP.

    On 10.9.2 it works fine for me.

    Although gotta say on 10.9.1 I had problems too, but only that this option was turned off after the patch, after turning it on it worked fine again.

    Just a small note in the launcher near the slot will be fine.

    If a account doesn't get banned for a certain period of time he runs out of the weapons, and there's no way you can have a look at all clients by manually checking them all night/day, so it happens that some slots run without weapons for days up to a week (until next time you up alchemy for example) for nothing, without a weapon.

    In my opinion a small note in the main launcher will be enough.

    Of course, we have a quite bigger number of nets and subnets for German proxies, but most of them don't work with Metin for some reason, that's the problem we are trying to solve. About other countries that are quite nearby and have good connections: Ukraine (can't tell more countries currently, as our managers own the information about it, might be Turkey, USA, and the Netherlands), as I said previously, there are some really good packs of proxies for it. We can offer a test if you want. For example, free 7 days for one proxy, you'll test it out by yourself. Maybe it will satisfy your purposes and we could "transport" you from German proxies for a while until we have a bigger proxy base of Germany

    I think you're speaking of proxys not working for Gameforge.

    Usually every trash proxy will work for steam, so maybe that would be an idea to additionally choose between steam and gameforge proxys, and adjust the prices for it.

    Subnet problem stays the same thoy

    I only can speak for steam usage, and thats right so far like you explained it.

    C.D. blocks.

    As I can tell from my own experience, all accounts with the same subnet (C.D.) will get banned permanently, to be clear, every account who was in contact (logged in) once with this IP/subnet will get banned.

    Will be happy if other users can confirm my thoughts/experiences here.

    What's happening when using gameforge instead of steam - no idea, me and most of the users here use steam anyways. But I'd appreciate if someone who has gameforge proxy experiences can explain it to us whats happening there.


    Just got the information that gameforge bans should act the same as steam bans: C.D. temporary bans.

    And I wouldn't believe a single word the metin support says, they seem to have no clue about whats happening in their own company.

    Reason for that is that they only ban the used subnet once temporarily.


    50 people use one subnet, one gets banned, all 50 people will recieve a ban, BUT they can just make a new account and start playing again with the same IP/Subnet.

    Metin2 subnet/ip bans are only temporary, not that I know of anyone whos IP got permanently banned.

    The main point the users are worrying about are subnets, metin2 bans full subnets, not only certain IPs.

    And I think this will be a main reason why lack or lose customers here.

    We are a big community, and no one likes to share bans - of course.

    Something like a guaranteed metin2 subnet individuality for each country would be a great thing, if this is something that you could manage.

    I don't think anyone here will care if this subnet is used in any other purpose by your other customers, only thing to worry about is metin2 subnet sharing.

    Just an idea from me, from my personal experiences and from what I heard members are saying in our discord server about you as a proxy provider.


    Is Bob really unable to find a solution!

    As i said before, there's nothing that we could do, to avoid GMs banning you by seeing you hacking.

    What is your suggestion?

    There's little to no sense for this thread, since we can't do anything about that.

    When GM's are in observer mode, M2Bob can NOT detect them, that means we can literally nothing do.

    Your best bet is to turn on anti-ban, change location or change the server.

    Denke wenn es ein bug / exploit ist, der open-source zugänglich ist, is es verschwendung von ressourcen das zu implementieren, weils eigentlich nur ne Frage der Zeit sein dürfte bis das gefixt ist.

    Ist aber nur meine persönliche Meinung.

    Deine genannten Settings haben relativ wenig mit Kicktrigger zu tun.

    Würde mal waithack speed, range, pickuprange und max mobs ansehen, wenn du Anhaltspunkte brauchst -> Beginners Guide.

    Gutes gelingen!

    Bitte in Zukunft an die Forumregeln halten!