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    Hi, thank you for the post!

    For us, it is essential that we focus on the most important suggestions and changes, and leave aside the things that are not as important, thats how we make users happy the most!

    1. maybe the window can made a big bigger by default. resizable can work but then you would just have empty area on the right, i think this is not needed

    2+6. you can change this in .ini files in resources folder

    3. good idea

    4+5: you can use the general tab use item by id function for this

    7. not possible for scriptsell, because that file changes from time to time


    Anyway...I am waiting for what other users say here. Please do NOT make posts like "+1", but tell which of these you find most important. I already am quite busy and as I said before, we want to focus on the most important changes, so I want to see what features many other users need too.

    @YuutaDark06 You really need to chill down, your posts are annoying! Stop it!

    I said if it still works during the weekend, we will add i next update --> it will be included in the next update. I did not say that we will release this update during the weekend.

    PS: The update will be released today!

    @ramobob You need to see what works for you and what not. If the new system only allows 6-7 accounts per IP, then either you must adapt to use a VPN or use Steam.

    There were some more issues, fix on monday!

    I also will test it again to avoid the annoying issue that another update came here again to ruin the fix!

    @Hwidban I think the best idea is if you help us on Point #2 and send us a forum ticket with the requested information. If the implementation is improved here, then maybe also the bugs are gone.

    Nevertheless, against bans you can't do much. As I said, there is not much more obvious hacking possible.

    @Hwidban Of course you must expect bans if you use this kind of technique. I mean there is nothing that more obviously screams "I am using a hack"...

    @Scathinq This feature is already in, I know from some users that they want EVEN more faster fishing. But for that, I would need more infos about this method. If you want to help us / assist us you can show us infos about the bot from the right using the Forum Ticket system (sensitive information).

    Here it would be important that you can show us how to use this other bot and M2Bob in the SAME Metin2 window. Then we have good chances on looking at it in detail!