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    Thats nothing new, we know that!

    M2Bob will fix that automatically if you are using the new Mode without the GF Client Manual mode.

    Then M2Bob will open the GF Client and readout a new logincode automatically!


    I'm answering in english so all users can understand it!

    1. With Ninja with a dagger, you can set the Waithack Speed higher. Also in M2bob that works, because the server is checking the speed not as often.

    2. However, using the Ninja Bow Waithack still has advantages, because here you can not get kicks. With Waithack everything except for Bow, kicks can not be prevented 100%.

    3. There are also other "features", for example I was told about something like a "cloud poison Waithack" from this polish hack which we have not taken a look yet but want in the future. However, we want to be careful to not lose the focus on stability on M2Bob and cause bugs by adding new features without testing enough.

    @asterix I believe your Antivirus is blocking something during the scan of the gf client memory while reading out the logincode.

    Please make sure that is all disabled.

    Don't worry everybody, we are of course doing filtering of features.

    We are adding the most wanted features. Of course we can not add everything that ever gets suggested, because every day new possible features are getting suggested.

    We are watching threads like this and dont forget about suggested features!


    Ich rate dir zuerst mal den Grafikertreiber neu zu installieren. Ggbfalls. kannst du auch in der Systemwiederherstellung schauen ob dort in den letzten paar Tagen was installiert wurde und dann einen Rollback machen (Systemwiederherstellung betrifft nur Programme, keine Sorge, persönliche Dateien sind davon nicht betroffen).

    @cookies If you are using your own, custom version of the file you must compare your file to the official file and see if there are changes.

    The first ~30 lines must look the same because M2Bob names changes in these lines as parameters when executing it!

    @xKirito Mit ihm bin ich ohnehin schon länger in Kontakt, und er hat auch schon sich Dinge angeschaut.

    Habe ihm jetzt weitergeleitet, aber auch er kann natürlich nicht zaubern möchte ich dazusagen.

    PS: Falls ihr Fragen oder Infos habt, könnt ihr ihn auf Discord unter "hash#0404" kontaktieren.

    We will also add #5 to the todo list.

    For #13, I want to wait what other users say, and especially how the features exactly should be.

    For example I also heard about users sho want skills in antiban mode on and normally off...I want to find the optimal set of features that most users then are happy with.

    If after all of this you still have issues and the bug happens everytime, not just sometimes, on your PC (also with a fresh M2Bob folder), I would be happy to look at it.

    Then you can send us your Skype ID via Forum ticket.

    You must copy the file \Resources\Language\English\Items.ini to the M2Bob folder into \Resources\Userdata\Servers\<name>\Itemlist_xxxxx.ini and replace it (rename it if the name is wrong)!

    Maybe you are using it on a different client with wrong adresses?

    Anyway I think you are better suited on elitepvpers or metin2dev for this question.

    But what I can tell you as a user with first-hand experience is that you definitely should stay away from "c ++ builder"'s a pain to work with, slow, can be buggy, etc...i would rather suggest using .net framework with windows forms for a gui or maybe even something like QT

    I had a quick look yesterday and the bot itself can work here, no issues.

    The only issue I saw is that the HackShield is closing the Game after 3 minutes. Does anyone here have infos about a potential bypass or some other knowledge?

    Please dont send us random "bypass" threads, but only if you have real knowledge what works and what not, or if you are able to try a certain bypass on your own PC and see if it works.

    Of course if that exists already, we dont want to invest big work again and lose time...

    We will remove this function next update and then see if we can re-add it in a different fashion.

    (the option to hide metin, bot or both windows of course will stay)

    Update 10.8.7 (Testversion) [06.05.2021]

    - Added new GF Login Technique

    ---- M2Bob will start the GF Client automatically, readout a Logincode#1 and close it again (100% automatic)

    ---- Therefore it works good as with manual Logincodes, but also automatic

    ---- You can disable this feature in "GF login options" if you dont need it

    ---- You can also use proxyfier with this method, you must set rules per botting slot for gfclient.exe and SparkWebHelper.exe, example: gfclient.exe_1, SparkWebHelper.exe_1, gfclient.exe_2, SparkWebHelper.exe_2, etc.

    - If activated, young hero weapon will now be equipped at level x9 to prevent losing the weapon ([SUGGESTION] Maximize Young Hero Weapon Time)

    - Bot will now pause counting time since last cor collected when in low profile (instead of resetting it)

    - Bot will now reload the map if NPC not found (applies to all NPC interactions)

    - Added item transfer delay at function "Inv1 --> Inv2"

    - Fixed PServer:

    - Fixed PServer:

    @Miles Then it is "like before"...

    So what do you need then? Hide only bot window or hide both windows?

    Maybe we would need to add a separate setting for this then.