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    Slait man kann ihn weder Adden noch anschreiben

    Slait konnte das nicht wissen, da er nicht (aktiv) auf Discord ist.

    Bitte nutzt dafür ggf. ausnahmsweise das Ticketsystem auf Discord und verweist auf meinen Beitrag. Dann könnt ihr euch dort an Hash wenden.

    Aber beim besten Willen: Nicht alle auf einmal - davon hat keiner etwas gewonnen.

    Generell haben viele Teammitglieder die direkte Kontaktaufnahme blockiert, weil es zu 85% spam ist.

    FAQ: What plans does M2Bob offer?

    We offer 3 plans:

    M2Bob Days Payment method Price
    30 Paypal 11.99€
    66 Paypal 23.99€
    87 Paypal 29.99€
    30 Kreditkarte 11.89€
    66 Kreditkarte 23.89€
    87 Kreditkarte 29.89€
    19 Paysafecard 10€
    49 Paysafecard 20€
    64 Paysafecard 25€



    I also wanted to comment on this.

    Of course, we've had the idea several times, but unfortunately it doesn't make much sense. Anyone can afford these 12€ and those who would spy out information here also buy M2Bob for this money.

    Therefore, it would just be more work for us with no impact.

    Forum - Version 1.4 [28/04/2021]


    Updated the rules for the pserver section:

    - The name of a pserver thread must be as follow: [MAIN-LANUAGE] Servername (Otherwise it will be deleted)

    - We don't allow threads like "problem on server x". Please us the pserver collection threads to mention problems or anything like that

    More informations about pserver rules:

    Rules for the private servers section

    Regeln für den PServer Bereich

    P-Server bölümü için kurallar

    Regulament Secțiunea PServers RO

    During the night there was an update for the GF Client, which brought some changes to the login system --> Only the GF automatic mode is affected (You should be able to use the GF Client Mode and Steam Mode as always, without any issues)

    If you want to bypass this, until we roll out a hotfix, you should manually open a Metin2 window and just minimize it (do not close it / exit). You should be able to login with M2Bob after that, as always.


    We have different ranks in the forum, which users can achieve by their activity, their quality of the contributions and their commitment for our community.

    These ranks are awarded by the M2Bob team.

    You will see here a list of users who have earned such ranks

    Special Ranks:

    • Expert | Colour: green

    Konular forum kurallarına uyulduğu sürece kapatılmaz. Kurallar gayet açık biçimde forumda yazıyor. Konu altında alakasız şeyler yazıp hem forum kurallarını ihlal ediyorsunuz hem konu sahibine saygısızlık yapıyorsunuz. Açık açık belirtmeme rağmen hala konu içinde farklı şeyler yazıyorsunuz hakikaten pes. Forum kullanmasını öğrenin.

    > This

    If you break any rules, clearly defined sanctions / warnings will be applied.

    Please refrain from breaking the rules in the future. Any spam on this topic will also be warned.

    If you want to report unjustified actions of our moderators, please use the ticket system.

    Thread closed!

    ¡Hola Redamantis!

    Es muy posible que su cuenta haya sido marcada, debido a que ya no es posible iniciar sesión.

    Si funciona con otras cuentas sin problemas, probablemente la cuenta esté bloqueada.

    Por lo tanto, utilice nuevas cuentas para conectarse a M2Bob.